What the heck is going on??

December 21, 2005 at 12:06 pm Leave a comment

Somehow this month is going by a lot faster than it should be.  Partly to blame for that is the fact that I put off Christmas shopping for so long.  I’m usually at least halfway done through the month and have already shipped a box of presents home so I don’t have to travel with them (a policy put into place after the year I arrived home with BRUISED shoulders because my present bag was so damn heavy.  Also, I buy lighter presents now.  :P ).  I didn’t really start my shopping this year until last week.  I have no idea how that happened.  I’m leaving for home in two days and I’m definately not ready for Christmas yet.  Add a killer work schedule to that (did I *really* need to work at job #2 for three weekends in a row last month??) and I’m completely disoriented and convinced it’s still last week.  I have *plenty* of time for everything!

Another thing I didn’t need this month?  After sitting around on my hold list FOREVER, I had a bunch of library holds suddenly show up.  I’ve been waiting months for this stuff, a lot of which was on order, and it decides to come in now.  I moved a lot of stuff on my list to inactive, but I literally didn’t have a chance with this batch.  So, as of today, I have three volumes of Samurai Deeper Kyo, two of Jubei-chan the Ninja Girl, My Neighbor the Yamadas and a whole whack of books and manga signed out that’s due next week and probably not renewable.  Did I mention I’m leaving in two days???  Yes, I could put it all back on hold, but then I’m back to two hundred on the list and waiting another six months.  arg.

On a brighter note, I caught a killer cold that pounced on me out of nowhere, and have been lying in bed feeling miserable for two days.  So while I had no energy to get up and do useful stuff, I did manage to have a live action GTO marathon that lasted all night.  Hey, it’s not like I’ve been able to sleep lately anyway, what with the blades lodged in my throat. 

Watching GTO was FUN!  I’m a fan of the graphic novels, and I liked the anime series (tho not as much as the books) and the tv series was a good interpretation.   It managed to pull most of the main characters from the manga and tell their stories, but usually in a more simplified version.  It took me a while to figure out who Murai was (I must have missed when they first said his name?) mostly because the two guys he’s always hanging out with in the manga were now being led by the girl from Onizuka’s student teaching adventure and Murai was more of an angry loner.  He also took more time to win over in the tv show.  There were a lot less of the crazy stunts and feats of strength (which makes sense for live action) but it was still both funny and touching.  I laughed quite a bit (or tried to, I had no voice to laugh with) and cried a lot (it was mostly Tomoko who prompted the tears, which is odd because I’ve never really liked that character much.  Props to the actress and dialogue!) and it was 10 hours very well spent.  :)

I have Samurai Deeper Kyo playing in the background right now and there are two voices that are driving me crazy because I KNOW I’ve heard them before and I’m trying to figure out from where.  I want to figure it out myself before looking it up, though.  It’s more fun that way.  I’m going to look up their real names later.

Wait.  It’s after midnight.  I’m now leaving tomorrow.  This can’t be good…


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