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Forgot to mention that I did manage to keep it to two extra books last week.  I picked up Antique Bakery #2 and La Esperanca #1 on Friday and really enjoyed them both.  I *loved* Antique Bakery, but then I was really looking forward to it after the first one.  I love the art (even though I find the characters look very similar.  thank goodness for the hair!) and I the characters are pretty interesting in their interactions.  (How *does* Tachibana manage to resist Ono??)  Without going into much detail (no time!!) some of the notable events in AB 2 were:

  • the introduction of a new character who not only reveals Tachibana’s high class status but ALSO unleashes Ono’s gay demonic charm.  And yes, it’s pretty demonic.
  • a lot more of the three men’s histories, some of which were only hinted at for future stories (yay! foreshadowing!)
  • it tied together some of the stories and secondary characters that kind of confused me in the first volume.  What was up with the time skipping back and forth?  Who were these people?  Now I get the point.
  • lots of pastry porn.  If I knew more about food, I’d probably enjoy it more, but the guys seem to be enjoying themselves, so what the heck.  And speaking of food porn, there’s also a…
  • scratch ‘n sniff cover, which I totally didn’t notice at first.  mmm…smelly cover…

December seems to be an official Yaoi month for me, which is of course the month I decide to start writing all of this down.  I get teased sometimes for reading this stuff, but it’s really still a small part of my manga collection.  lol.  Be Beautiful had a bunch of titles scheduled for release over the months of September to December, but ended up pushing everything back to this month.  Soo… a lot of books I’d been planning on spreading out over four months are instead coming out over four weeks.  What to do, what to do…

Tomorrow is Wednesday again and I’m hoping my manga run isn’t too tempting or painful.  :)  I finally got to my other regular comic store last week and picked up about a months worth of comics.  I’m finding I’m enjoying my DC comics less and less and I’m dreading what’s going to happen with this whole Infitity Crisis thing.  Am I going to WANT to keep reading my DC titles after a complete revamping of my favorite characters?  Am I going to be confused since I’m not reading a lot of the crossovers and tie-ins?  I’m skipping the whole OMAC thing, am I going to regret it later??  Ah well.  I guess my favorite comic right now, as in the one I consistantly enjoy reading and have the most fun with is Ultimate Spider-Man.  (Spiderman? too lazy to check…)  Followed by the New Avengers.  What do these two titles have in common?  Brian Michael Bendis.  He rocks.


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