Fun with Multitasking

December 16, 2005 at 1:40 am Leave a comment

I was going to write about Our Kindom tonight, but I ended up taking a nap instead. I actually brought work home with me today so I plugged interlibrary loan requests into Docline while watching Panda! Go, Panda! Why can’t I watch dvds while I work during the day? You have to do something while you’re waiting for pages to load… There’s probably no point in suggesting that at the next staff meeting.

I went to the official Fruits Basket site to see if I could find out what the next plush animal will be. I heard somewhere that it was going to be an onigiri for Tohru. Of course, even though I got the address off one of my toy labels I couldn’t find the stuffed animals anywhere. They’re probably hidden or something. (I did get a really nice Ayame wallpaper for my desktop, which has now replaced Ichigo from Bleach. Sorry, Ichigo!) A broader search came up with a lying down Kyo/cat as being forthcoming. I probably won’t get that one since I already have a Kyo and I’m running out of flat display space.

Tomorrow night I have to try to get over to Kikiwai to get some Christmas presents. I hope they have some cool stuff in – I want to get some Fullmetal Alchemist merch for my nephew. The merchandise on their website doesn’t come close to showing everything in the store. And I will be strong. Nothing for me until after Christmas!! Um, probably nothing for me until after Christmas…


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