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Well, my original plan was to see Chronicles of Narnia tonight. But when we got to the theatre, I was surprised to see that King Kong hadn’t completely sold out for the night. So we went to that instead.

What a fucking. awesome. movie.

Sorry, but it needed the profanity for emphasis. Really. I basically went to this movie for one thing: I wanted to see King Kong fight the dinosaur from the preview. That’s it. I didn’t really have any expectations, since I’m not a huge fan of the remake and have never seen the original. I was completely blown away by Peter Jackson’s version. There was a chunk of time during the movie when I could only sit there laughing hysterically in amazement with my hands clutched under my chin in the “oh my gosh” position. It was the part when Jack’s group meets up with their own dinosaurs and I will say nothing else.  Go see it for yourself.

I even liked all of the non-action bits, which kept me amused and entertained between the exciting bits.  And no, I didn’t cry at the end, but it was close.  There was a girl down the row from us who was sobbing at the end.  I completely got why.  Kong was done so beautifully and so believably that I was at one point thinking, who needs the humans?  I would be completely entertained by a monster island movie.  No dialogue required.  heh.

The bugs made me kind of nauseous though.  Please.  No more bugs.  The next time I see one of those huge millipede things in my room I’m going to scream like a little girl and run for the can of Raid.

Plus?  Kyle Chandler is in this movie.  I didn’t know that.  I’ve been a fan of his since Early Edition, which I loved.  Sorry Early Edition.  I probably got you cancelled.  Most of my favorite shows do.  I kept cringing during the action bits every time he showed up because I was waiting for his horrible death.


And yes, I did go buy manga today.  My lunch time plan was to go and buy two volumes and pick two more to buy on Friday.  Everything else gets left until after Christmas.  I bought:

Hot Gimmick 10
Hana Kimi 9
Our Kingdom 1

Yes, that’s three.  My plans have all gone awry today.  I’m getting Antique Bakery 2 and La Esperanca 1 on Friday.  Midori’s Days and Kare First Love are getting left behind.  Unless nothing good comes in next week.  Then I’m getting the Midori book.  Of course, it’s almost time for Tokyopop’s end of the month flood of manga, so who knows what’s going to happen next week?

I didn’t read Hot Gimmick yet, surprise surprise.  I didn’t want to read it during lunch ’cause then I’d have to rush through it.  I read Our Kingdom instead (more about that one tomorrow) and figured Hot Gimmick would be good for the way home.  I had such a King Kong buzz after the movie though, that I knitted instead.  Tomorrow I’ll bring Hot Gimmick and Hana Kimi with me to read during the day.

I’m a bad fan.


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