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Television on dvd:

The Flash – January 10 – My brother taped all of the episodes when they were on tv the first time, and I still feel kind of guilty that I’m the one that broke one of the tapes… But I think they’re still hanging around at mom’s and no one’s been itching to watch them so it’s probably time to forgive myself. 
Teen Titans Season One – February 7 – I’m glad I didn’t pick up the individual discs when they were released.  Don’t know if I’m going to get this or not.  I guess it depends on how cheap the set is.
The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.Summer 2006Hello!  It’s Bruce Campbell, of course I’m getting this!  I’m hoping my memories about how good this show was are reliable – things never seem as good as they were when you first saw them when you were younger.  This originally came out in 1993, so I think I was what?? Still in university I believe.

This is stuff I came across today.  I knew the Flash and Brisco County Jr. were coming out, but not when.  Teen Titans was news, but since it’s already been released on dvd, it’s not exciting news.  :)  Apparently Justice League and Batman Beyond will be coming out soon as well.  Think I’ll hold out for the JL Extreme sets.

Braindead moment: I figured out the time thing. There’s actually a place to edit the timestamp if you scroll down on the Write Post screen. D’oh!

New manga tomorrow!


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Free anime score Also coming soon!

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