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December 13, 2005 at 10:44 am 5 comments

I don’t get to keep any of it, though.

I had an appalling pile of dvds to pick up at the library when I went in on Sunday. How on Earth am I supposed to watch all of this stuff in a week?? Time to recharge the battery on the portable dvd player, I guess. I got Ladder 49 (I honestly don’t remember why I put this on hold – I must have seen it on the new dvd list), volume 1 of Jubei Chan the Ninja Girl, Panda! go Panda! (free, remember?) and volumes 2 and 3 of Samurai Deeper Kyo. I haven’t seen the first volume yet, which kind of sucks. The Circ desk person taunted me with it (because it was still on the hold shelf with the rest of my stuff) then wouldn’t let me sign it out (because I missed the pick up date by a day). I see her point, but don’t hand me something unless you’re going to let me keep it. I don’t need that kind of frustration. grr.

I put a lot of dvds on hold through the library, even though it fills up a hell of a lot of my hold space (I’m up to 50 again, damnit!), but it takes so LONG for dvds to come in.  It’s all movies I kind of want to see someday but am unwilling to spend money on.  It makes for a kind of boring hold list.  :)

I’ve also had a chance to read most of my new manga.  Yay! 

Cafe Kichijouji de #1 – it met all of my expectations.  The art ranged from beautiful to seriously cute (that would be the mini adventures between stories with the boys in chibi form) which is all I was really hoping for.  I also got a story that started me laughing out loud from the start and kept me going for the rest of the volume.  The ads for this book were a bit misleading, because it seems to get lumped in with DMP’s yaoi stuff, but as far as I can tell all the guys so far are straight.  :)  This is from the back of the book:

You don’t need a reservation at Cafe Kichijouji, but be warned… they’re dishing up total craziness.  Five waiters with different-flavored personalities sling the hash daily, and even the smallest tasks make for red-hot mayhem.

That sums up the book pretty well.  I don’t want to say too much about the characters, since discovering their quirks was a lot of the fun, but I will say that a couple of times I was expecting the standard character-types and was happily surprised to be wrong.  The book itself was divided into five different short stories.  And I laughed every time Kurihara whipped out a plate… (read it – you’ll get it then!) 

(after writing that I didn’t want to spoil anyone with the characters, I went to the DMP site to link to the book, and of course there’s a description of all the guys… lol.  check it out if you’re curious)

Bleach #10 – after fearing my Bleach buzz wore off on volume 8, and the fun I had reading volume 9, I wasn’t entirely sure what my reaction was going to be for this one. The manga and anime are very similar to each other, so lately I haven’t had that “ohmygoshwhat’sgoingtohappennext??” feeling that I had with the first part of the series. Volume 10 kind of straddled my reactions to 8 and 9. I still very much enjoyed it, but it wasn’t as much fun as the last one. Of course, it didn’t have as much humour, which explains part of that… So. Ichigo and crew are working on infiltrating the Soul Society with the help of Kukaku the explosives expert. There was a lot of action in this one, which I liked (though “reading” a sword fight will never be as exciting as watching one for me) and there were a few times where I just kind of… paused… to check out the art in a panel. For me, that’s a big deal, since on my first read throughs I usually blast through reading the dialogue and catching the plot.  My second read through is when I spend more time checking out the art.  Conclusion?  Bleach remains on my Go Without Food to Buy Manga list.  Go Bleach!

BTW, according to Amazon, the new Hot Gimmick is coming out this week.  Finally!!  A friend in Japan sent me the next couple of volumes, but they were in Japanese of course!  The joy… the agony… the confusion…  I could tell that Secrets Were Revealed, though, and Azuza got a haircut!  This was confusing until I finally figured out that there wasn’t a new character hanging around…

A very special shout out to said friend for the totally rockin’ Ouran High School Host Club pins she sent for Christmas.  After a nail polish tip from another equally rockin’ friend, I plan on sporting Haruhi and Tamaki pins on my bag.  After my Christmas trip home though.  Greyhound buses are hard on my belongings and I will be VERY VERY sad if these go missing!

I was going to write more about my new manga, but it’s almost 2 am now. Sheesh! (yes, 2 am, WordPress. Not 10 am. I SO have to fix that!) It would be nice if I stopped getting my second wind at midnight, especially when I only got about three hours of sleep the night before… and I have to work at job #2 tomorrow after job #1… and Wednesday I’m going to go see Chronicles of Narnia…

When am I going to get to sleep again?? :)


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  • 1. Anne  |  December 13, 2005 at 2:28 pm

    Did you know you can order Viz titles from their website about 2 weeks before they hit the store shelves?
    Hot Gimmick 10 is awesome. It makes me sad that there are only 2 vol. left.

  • 2. pajcat  |  December 13, 2005 at 7:36 pm

    Sigh. I’m going to miss Hot Gimmick. I love giving it to people who haven’t read manga before. It’s so addictive, and then you can get them to try other things. :) So… people who order directly from Viz get it early? I think I’m jealous. I’m not sure how much earlier I’d get it if they had to ship it to Canada, but that would be tempting if we weren’t so close to the end. (After all, I pay a little more for the Del Rey stuff in the bookstore so I can get it a day early) I don’t have credit cards, so shopping online isn’t usually something I think of doing, but I think I would have made arrangements for this one. :) Of course, I had a lot of trauma when Ouran High School Host Club #2 was late getting to the stores, so I don’t know if it would have been better or worse waiting for a package in the mail…

  • 3. Anne  |  December 14, 2005 at 3:55 pm

    Not having credit cards might be a good thing. I sometimes think it will be the death of me. Although if you have a bank debit card Viz accepts those and they have various shippers like UPS so….
    Thats all you need is more temptation.
    All my friends who read manga are hopelessly hooked on Hot Gimmick.

  • 4. pajcat  |  December 14, 2005 at 7:18 pm

    The other day I heard that they have credit cards that you can pre-load with money and spend until it’s gone, as opposed to spending until you reach a certain limit and then paying it off (or trying to…). That’s the kind of card *I* need! I know my own limitations very well. heh heh. I might look into getting one of those.

    I guess I’d have to check into the cost benefit of ordering online vs going to the comic store. I pay (on average) about $11 for most of my manga (I guess that’s about $9.50 US) and stuff from Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat are cheaper, plus I don’t have shipping charges… hmm. I do love the thrill of the hunt aspect of it though. Wednesday lunches are fun because I never know what’s going to be waiting for me at the comic store, and the staff there know me well enough to make pretty good recommendations. The people at the library are used to me coming back Wed afternoons all smiley and happy, depending on what manga I bought that day. Today I walked in with a big grin, that’s for sure! :)

  • 5. carl braxton  |  December 6, 2007 at 11:15 am

    hey i just want free anime book


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